The growth of the film industry in Vancouver since classic TV shows like the X-Files began filming there in the 90s has led to an explosion of talented Canadian actors making their way into mainstream Hollywood films and TV shows. One of these actors is the sublimely beautiful, Carrie Anne Fleming.

However, Carrie’s life did not just begin with acting. Throughout a school career punctuated by fourteen moves including Florida, Victoria, California and the Caribbean, Carrie emulated her professional model father by also working as a fashion model throughout high school. At the same time she was also mastering her craft by spending much of her school life learning acting and dancing. This was her world within a world as she was constantly uprooted and moved from town to town.

The last decade has been dedicated to bringing those skills to the fore in that typical ten-year overnight success scenario as her roles continue to grow and people can now say, “Oh, didn’t I see you on the L Word, or was it The 4400, the other night?” And to that they can now add movies like Edison with Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman or Dungeon Siege with Burt Reynolds. And it is only a matter of time before the resume grows even larger as more people see Carrie Anne’s work when Masters of Horror splatters onto our plasma screens…

Recently, I was able to ask Carrie Anne a few questions about her burgeoning career and here is a little of what she had to say about herself. However, you can check out Carrie Anne’s bio plus some really cool photos along with several articles and a detailed filmography at her got new website:  

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David: G’day Carrie Anne. This year you’ve enjoyed your first regular starring role in a TV show, Masters of Horror, and I wondered how this part came along and what has been the highlight so far during filming?

Carrie Anne: Hi! I was in a TV show in Australia actually. It was in Perth.

It was called Star Bodies. However, MOH fell into my lap. The role of Jennifer was based on a comic book character, so I had heard they adapting it. 

The highlight would have been meeting Dario Argento; a movie director from Italy. He was really fascinating.

David: What were the circumstances of your first autograph request? And have you ever had any problems with autograph hunters or other fans? 

Carrie Anne: My very first fans were from jail. I haven't had any problems with autograph requests. 

David: In the USA and UK autograph and movie memorabilia shows are huge and I wondered if you have attended any shows like DragonCon or Chiller, yet and if so how did you find the experience?

Carrie Anne: I was invited to Comic Con last July. I didn't go because I had to work. I'd really like to go next year.

David: In the last few years you have been building up a fine resume of movie appearances and TV guest spots, but what other interests do you pursue outside of film making?

Carrie Anne: Nothing... just kidding. Sometimes you feel you have no life because on set time stands still. Your dressed, your fed and then told to wait. You prepare, you work, you go home, sleep and do it all again first thing. When I'm not working I write, see movies, go to auditions, go to the gym. Go see strippers. You know stay creative.

David: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you (so far!!!) working on camera?

Carrie Anne: I morbidly enjoy the behind the scenes. I worked on a show this year and there was a producer from LA who I had worked with previously. He went up to this pretty props girl and he was like, “You need to work on my next show.” Like he could tell just by looking at her she was perfect for the job. Then he proceeded to approach every female on set for her number. It’s so transparent. So LA. 

David: Do you collect autographs or movie memorabilia yourself and if so what’s your most treasured possession?

Carrie Anne: I have an extensive record collection. I have an AC/DC record I use as art. My most treasured possessions would be these little shells, rocks and tiny jars of sand I've collected on my travels.

David: If any person in history could sign their photo for you, who would you ask and what would you have them say in their dedication?

Carrie Anne: Olivia Newton John. I loved Xanadu and it kept me company throughout my childhood. I was so confused when I discovered her country albums. I assumed she was Kira and Sandy from Grease and that's it, you know?

I'd want her to say: To my favorite new friend and biggest fan Carrie Anne, "You have to believe we are magic..." Lots of love and best wishes, Olivia Newton John. xoxoxox P.S. call me and we'll have a cocktail 555-her number

David: Has anyone found out what and where those other three tattoos are!!!

Carrie Anne: Ankles and wrist.

David: If you were trapped in a lift with just one other person, who would it be and why?

Carrie Anne: A bartender/Dj, on his way to a gig. He'd have all of the luxuries of a good night out. Or Heath Ledger!!!

David: What sort of movies, books and singers rank number one with you?

Carrie Anne: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. I dig all movies and all books. 

David: What things bring you the most joy?

Carrie Anne: What makes me most happy is when I set out to do something and it actually happens. I impress myself, or I don't let myself down. That brings me joy. When I can literally watch myself make proper choices. 

David: What movies and TV shows will we see you appearing in during 2007 and 2008?

Carrie Anne: The Toothfairy. It comes out next year. I play Star Roberts. It's about a house full of people getting pegged off by the Toothfairy. It cracked me up so much... although I don't believe it is supposed to be a comedy. In the Name of the King with Jason Statham and Burt Reynolds. Although that was a small role, man was it exhausting. The director had me crying for the scene the whole day. Then a house frame fell on me...uhg!!!

David: In closing could you share a vignette from your life that best sums you up as a person?

Carrie Anne: My super smart brother said something that stuck once. He said, "Just let it roll off your back....good and bad." He was helping me move and I had rented these movers. One of them was being really inappropriate towards me and it started to piss me off. My bro said that to me and it changed my perspective. I was no longer looking at a man/ape being mean. I was watching a human trait that had nothing to do with me. It was a way of not taking it personal. I was able to stay in my place of power. But I have to say if my little bro wasn't there I would of crammed a...."Just let it roll off your back...." Ahhh, sweet inner power.

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