How should I introduce Christa Campbell? Beautiful, stunning, sexy, gorgeous, statuesque, voluptuous and totally talented!!! How about very funny too. In an earlier interview with Maxim, Christa said of working with Danny DeVito: “I’m an Amazon next to him. I’m literally twice his size. How would sex be? It wouldn’t work out. I just don’t think it would even be possible.” You have to love her sense of humour and that amazing laugh, and as the young, but fully-clad star of several Erotic Confession videos you have to also believe that this model and actress has always been in full control of her burgeoning career. Having now completed more than fifteen films in the last couple of years, Christa has come an awfully long way from doing music videos with The Backstreet Boys, or portraying a young Bettie Page, and in 2007 scored her first major gong as a Saturn Award Winner.

Nowadays, Christa shares screen time with actors as diverse as Salma Hayek, Christian Slater, James Gandolfini and Samuel L Jackson. With each new film the roles get bigger testing her skills as she hones her acting skills as supporting roles in horror films give way to leading roles in action flicks like Lies and Illusions to comedies like Finding Bliss along with the family drama, Cool Dog, a reworking of the  classic story about Rin Tin Tin. Not bad when you remember that less than a year earlier Christa was filming Day of the Dead!!! That’s a heck of a segue in anyone’s language!!! And who knows what great new films Christa will turn up in during 2010!!! 

In the meantime you can catch up with Christa on her MySpace page:  where you can check out some cool trailers from Lies and Illusion and Finding Bliss. Between stealing scenes from Christian and Nic, and generally kicking some celluloid butt, Christa found time to answer a question or three for me, but whatever you do, never ask xta about Cuddles…

David: Do you recall when you signed your first autograph and how you felt at the time?

Christa: I was walking up to a place called Guys bar, and someone yelled my name, I turned and was shocked to find someone standing there asking for an autograph ,they said I loved you in Spring Break Lawyer. the bouncer saw this and immediately let me in! I signed the photo of course.
David: What’s the funniest or strangest thing which has happened to you on a film set or on a photo shoot?

Christa: Oh I’ve had soo many funny things happen, spiders crawling on me, during Mansquito we were filming nights, and I was wearing a scientist outfit like in Outbreak; I think I was sleeping during some of the shots!
David: You’ve already worked with some amazingly talented and diverse actors ranging from Natassja Kinski and Richard Dreyfuss to Robert Englund and Ray Liotta, and I wondered if you could tell us about the toughest scene you’ve ever had to shoot?

Christa: During Day of the Dead I did a lot of my own stunts, I went through a window after a huge fight scene with AnnaLynne McCord!!!
David: Do you collect any movie memorabilia or autographs? And if so what are some of your treasured items?

Christa: I’m not a big collector. I moved so much as a child I learned to keep it simple

David: If any person in history could sign their photo for you, which person would you ask and why?

Christa: Elvis, I would have loved to hang with him.

David: Do you see many forged and fake photos of you being sold on sites like eBay, and if so how do you handle this problem?

Christa: I don’t think they’re fake. I’m always signing photos for people or mailing out autograph requests, so I don’t think there’s a big need to fake anything.

David: Do you attend any of the autograph or memorabilia conventions like Chiller, and is so have you encountered any really curious or bizarre autograph requests?

Christa: I have done a few, this is what I love, is to meet the fans, it makes me realize, WOW!!! People really do see my films!

David: What brings you the most joy outside of film and modelling work?

Christa: I love to travel and I also love relaxing with my friends.

David: If you could choose your own director, cast and genre, what would your choices be for your landmark role?

Christa: I’ve really gotten into action lately, I would just love to do a big budget action film!

David: What does the near future hold for Christa Campbell? 

Christa: The near future, well near being this week, I am filming in Iowa, its going great! then I will be promoting Lies and Illusions with Christian Slater which is out September 29…

David: Is there a moment, or an incident from your life which tells us something very different about the person you are rather than the actor we see on our screens?

Christa: That depends upon how you view me, I think we take all our experiences from life and use them in our work :)

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