What do Wrigley Field, Morgan le Fey, Poland, Germany and Chicago have in common? Well, they are all part of the ingredients that went towards the creation of the beautiful actress, Cindy Morgan. From the working class roots of migrant parents living only a stone’s throw from Wrigley Field, a young Cynthia Ann Cichorski spent her childhood dreaming of the bright lights of far away cities. She would later adopt the name of the notorious half-sister to King Arthur, Morgan le Fey and began her own journey to Avalon. The stories of her youth clung to her as she began her quest to be successful and leave those grey days behind her.

However, instead of a quest for some mythical Holy Grail, Cindy Morgan’s adult life began at college where she was a successful DJ. Later, she hit the road doing auto shows before finally landing a job as the Irish Spring Girl in 1978. TV commercials allowed her the luxury of acting lessons and Cindy soon made a breakthrough, with a role in Bill Murray’s classic film Caddyshack where she played the very sexy Lacey Underall. Her childhood growing up in a strict Catholic household had been displaced by Cindy’s natural beauty and her willingness to play a vampish sex kitten. This was almost instantly balanced by her duel role of Lora/Yori in the sci fi cult classic Tron opposite Jeff Bridges.

During the ensuing years Cindy would also branch out into various TV guest roles as diverse as Vegas to Amazing Stories as well as a regular starring roles in popular series like Falcon Crest and Bring ‘Em Back Alive playing opposite Bruce Boxleitner for the second time in her career.

These days the beautiful Miss Morgan is about to publish her autobiography and has a terrific website for her fans: (over 65,000 hits) and Cindy also attends numerous conventions and autograph shows like Chiller. 

I recently caught up with the lovely lady and put a few questions to her. This is a little of what she had to say…

David: How did you come to work with the late George “Buck” Flower, and do you have any funny stories from filming, Up Yours – A Rockin’ Comedy? 

Cindy: I never had the chance to meet Mr. Flower. I was cast one day, and on the set the next. All I knew about the part (as often happens) is what I was told. I was to play the part of a narrator in a story about several couples who lived in an apartment building. The original title was "Up the Down Staircase".

David: Did Bill Murray ever play any pranks on you or other cast members making Caddyshack?

Cindy: Gosh yes! Let's just say that one is never really sure if Billy is kidding or not. I do remember the assistant directors looking for him one day, and checking all the sand traps to see is that's where he was taking a nap.

David: Did you sign your first autograph for that film or for Tron? And how did you feel at the time?

Cindy: I signed my first autograph when I was a disc jockey in Rockford, Illinois. I couldn't figure out why anybody would want it then, and I still kind of wonder. (But I’m always happy to comply!)

David: What’s the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you on a film or TV set? What did you do?

Cindy: When I had to shoot the "high dive" scene for Caddyshack", I couldn't dive (hey, I could barely swim), had a fear of heights, and had to walk up the ladder without my contacts in because hitting the water at that speed would have shot them to the back of my head. So I was pretty much legally blind as well. That was one of the bravest (or stupidest) things I ever did.

David: You sign quite a few autographs and I wondered if you have ever encountered many problems with a fan or autograph collector?

Cindy: Well, there's a wild card in every deck, as they say. But all the fans I've met have been very cool.

David: Do you collect movie memorabilia or autographs, and if so, what are some of your favourites?

Cindy: I'm just now starting to collect photos from other actors I work with. I used to do it for my friends, and I started to realize how much it means to me as well.

David: If any person in history could sign a photo for you, who would you ask and what would you have them say in their dedication? 

Cindy: I'd ask Christopher Columbus. And I'd ask him to say "Why did it take man 2000 years to discover America? Because he wouldn't ask directions!" (Boom Boom!!)

David: Have you seen forged signatures on your photos?

Cindy: Uh, not yet. I have a very distinct (OK, sloppy) signature, and I would certainly know the difference.

David: Can you tell us a few of your favourite films and actors, please?

Cindy: My taste in film is rather eclectic. I'll watch anything from my current favorite "Ray", to "Godzilla" in the original Japanese.

David: What does the future hold for you?

Cindy: My first book. Please stay tuned....

David: What question are you still waiting for someone to ask you?

Cindy: “When are you going to write a book?"

David: And before we let you go! You worked as a DJ in college and I wondered what 45 did you like spinning the most and is it still your favourite today?

Cindy: There was a song by Orleans called "Still the One". I never got over it.

© David Priol 2005