When you wrap pure energy inside a taut little package you tend to produce dynamite. If you then coat this package with lots of sugar then you get a pocket rocket called Debi Derryberry; a multi-talented performer of the highest calibre.

Over the last two decades Debi has made over 80 films and TV shows, including regular TV series Jumanji and Oswald. Although mainly working as a voice-over actress, Debi has also made various appearances as a general purpose actress, not to mention the odd stage appearance. This all began in Nashville where Debi was discovered singing jingles. A cartoon director heard her demo tape where she used a child’s voice. Debi was signed by ICM and is still with them twelve years later. Autograph collectors can find Debi at great shows like Dragon*Con and on her fun website at: http://www.debiderryberry.com

And if that’s not enough to keep Debi busy, this pocket dynamo is also an integral part and co-founder of the country folk band, the HoneyPigs. This highly talented, high fun, high voltage trio brings a vitality to their songs, which soon has listeners tapping their toes and comparing them to great bands like the Judds and the Dixie Chicks. Such is the strength of their harmonies, not to mention their totally cute’n’sassy presence on stage. You just know that these gals would soon have poor old Scrooge getting funky with his feet.

I recently caught up with Debi as she signed a few Jimmy Neutron photos for me and this is what she had to say….

David: G'day Debi… could you tell us if you signed your first autograph as a voice over actress or as one of the really cute HoneyPigs?

Debi: I signed my first autograph as a voice over actress.

David: Can you tell us the funniest thing that has happened to you when working on a programme?

Debi: It is sooo cold in some of the recording studios that I wear fuzzy boots, scarf, coat, ski hat and mittens while I record.  Also, once during a recording session, a fellow actor made me laugh so hard that I had to ask him to leave the studio so I could finish my lines.  I couldn't breathe or talk because I was laughing so hard.

David: Do you collect memorabilia yourself and if so what are some of your treasures? If anyone in history could sign and autograph for you, whom would you ask and what would you have them say in their dedication?

Debi: No, I don't collect much.  I have a few fairy statues that I love, but they are exquisite and one of a kind. Nothing like you would find in a typical store.  As far as the autograph, I would love to have Dolly Parton's autograph saying, "to one of my favorite singers." I would also love to hove James Taylor's autograph saying, "Please sing with me."

David: Do you ever go to any of the autograph conventions and if so what are your favourites?

Debi: I have been invited to a number of conventions and enjoy meeting my fans where ever I go. Two years ago I was invited to conventions in both Auckland and Sydney. Those two were probably my most favorite.

David: What’s a really funny story you can tell us from working with the gals in the HoneyPigs?

Debi: We all love to eat and we can really be PIGS!  Before each rehearsal, we usually meet in my kitchen and pull out the peanut butter, bread, and whatever treats we can find and have a good snack before singing.  One night after a gig, we wanted to go out to eat but everything was closed.  I had brought some hard-boiled eggs with me in my ice chest and so we sat around very late at night eating hard-boiled eggs.  It was very funny to us that all we had to snack on that Saturday night was eggs.

David: Do you have any funny or strange stories from meeting up with fans?

Debi: Once while on vacation, we were in the hotel pool.  One of the folks I was with mentioned to one of the children in the pool that I did a pretty good Jimmy Neutron voice.  So I did the voice for the child, she then said "Yeah, that's pretty good, I guess."  ...she didn't know I was really the actual voice of Jimmy Neutron.

David: What brings you the greatest pleasure in life outside of writing songs and singing and doing voice over work?

Debi: I love to play with my 3 1/2 year old son.

David: What is on the menu for you in 2005?

Debi: I am recording my first Children's CD of original and other songs.  It should be out in May and available on my website, www.DebiDerryberry.com and on Amazon.com.

David: Can we sneak in a question about your date of birth?

Debi: I keep my fingernails short because I play the guitar...oh, sorry did you ask me something else?? :) My birthday is in September!!!

David: Do you have any other stories or messages you would like to share with your fans?

Debi: Work before play...  Neuter your dogs and cats...  Practical jokes are not fun for the recipient... Always offer guests in your home something to eat and drink...

I wrote my first song when I was 9 years old.  I taught myself to play guitar when I was 9 using a guitar book with pictures of chords in it.  I have always loved to sing and been intrigued by vocal harmonies…

© David Priol 2005 

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