Crimson is where I first saw Elizabeth Di Prinzio. The Richard Poche production was one of the coolest Vampire flicks of the last year, boasting a strong female cast of up-and-coming talent, including not only Liz, but Stuart Brazell, Erika Smith, Jade Tailor, Jaimi Paige and Leesel Boulware. This film is a regular smorgasbord of beauty, especially for any fans with a lust for blood and fun. Although I knew very little about Elizabeth at this stage, a Google search soon told me that she was definitely a star in the making and has been since she started treading the boards as a teenager growing up in San Francisco. 
Not only does this Bay girl act, but she sings too and is currently recording her debut album and already has a soundtrack song to her credit for the Warner Bros teenage coming-of-age flick, The Weekend. Her new album 400 Miles: The Beginning will also feature some songs written by Elizabeth including, Waiting for You which you can listen to at her official website as well as on her MySpace page. The album is being produced by Michael Mani and Jordan Omley who worked on the song Yesterday with Leona Lewis on her #1 international debuting album Spirit in 2006-07 and on the Westlife song, When I’m with You. Michael is also a native of the Bay area of San Francisco where Elizabeth grew up. He’s also worked with M.C. Hammer, En Vogue and won a Grammy for his work on Santana’s Supernatural album. So you get the feeling that Elizabeth is in very good hands and possesses all the ingredients for a terrific debut disk.

Crimson is not the first film Elizabeth has made with either director, Richard Poche or fellow actress, Stuart Brazell. The three teamed up for Liz’s 2004 debut, Amped, where she played a frenetic lead guitarist for a Bay band, the Danger Dolls. Poche not only directs, but also plays the hardboiled cop who investigates the death of the lead singer played Stuart. As one anonymous critic wrote on the IMDb, Maggie Leonard, the character played by Liz is the classic case of how “music calms the savage bitch.”  If you listen to Elizabeth’s own music you are immediately aware that nothing could be further from the truth and this telling line is a tribute to this young actor’s obvious abilities.
It will definitely be interesting in the coming year or two, to watch Elizabeth’s career paths unfold as both a singer and an actress, but in the meantime you can find lots of great photos and great music by clicking on any of Elizabeth's great photos to catch her on MySpace, IMDb and her Official Website:

Click here Below is a recent tête-à-tête I enjoyed with Liz speaking from her happy little corner of the Hollywood dream….
David: Do you recall when you signed your first autograph and how you felt at the time?
Liz: I signed my real first autograph for my landlord hahahaha!!! He told me that I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he wanted an autographed picture as proof that he knew me :):):)
David: Your film career began in 2004, but you've also been very busy developing your singing career as well. Thinking back over the last few years, what has been the highlight for so far?
Liz: When I'm walking my dog down Sunset Boulevard, I have time to think about everything that has happened to me over the past two years and one of my favorite memories has been when I was in the Studio recording a song I wrote called "Waiting for You". I love the process of creating new music. Another highlight was my CD Album photo shoot with photographer Steve Erle, who shoots for Sports Illustrated and Fredericks of Hollywood. Steve is such a sweet wonderful man who really made me feel like a million bucks! The great thing about LA is that there's always a memory to be made and everything happens so quickly.  A new highlight to add to my life is my new role in Williams Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream" playing Hermia at the Hollywood Fight Club Theater.
David: And what has been the funniest or strangest moment you've encountered while working on film sets like for director, Richard Poche last year when you filmed the Vampire flick, Crimson?
Liz: We filmed Crimson in like four days, which is just crazy. So the whole time we were working on OVERTIME, which therefore, by day four Stuart and I were totally delusional! We made up a game which would take one of our earlier movies "Amped" and we would turn it into a Musical. We would be singing our lungs out and dancing at 3AM getting the other girls to sing and dance. They had no idea what Stuart and I were singing but they had just as much fun as us! It was funny! All those funny takes are on the Crimson DVD special features section.
David: Can you tell us a little more about your ambitions as a singer and actor and where you would like your career to head in the coming years?
Liz: I do juggle both acting and singing from day to day. What can I say? I LOVE them both! If I'm not working on a film or play I jump into the studio and sing.
David: Unlike many of my interviewees, you're part of a huge new internet generation which allows for far more interaction, not only with fans, but with other professional actors and musos on sites like MySpace and FaceBook. I wondered if you've had any interesting or unusual experiences on the Net in general, or on MySpace in particular?
Liz: I've had nothing but positive feedback from using MySpace in particular. It's a FREE way to promote yourself and your career by using a tool that millions of people use everyday. I did a few internet commercials for SEGA in San Francisco about 4 or 5 years ago and people are still watching them! The internet is an unlimited opportunity for a performer.
David: What does the next twelve months have in store for you?
Liz: Wow! I can't even imagine all the great things that will happen from now till 2009, but  hopefully I will be done with my Demo CD, performing at venues and signing a deal with a record company! Yippee! That would be a great year! I start filming "The Devil Within"  in July 08. It's a horror teen movie about a girl named Sirena (played by me) who has the entire school in love with her, including the principal, hehehe, and finds herself in big trouble as everyone close to her starts dying....scary!!!
David: Do you collect any autographs or movie memorabilia?

Liz I've never had an autographed item, except for Mickey and Minnie at  Disney hahaha, but I do have this weird collection of wine corks. Whenever something great happens I celebrate with a bottle of wine and save the cork and write the date on it. As for movies I do like to collect musicals like Chicago, Grease, and Cabaret. My family can definitely vouch for my annoying obsession with musical :))))
David: Have you been to any memorabilia or autograph conventions or plan to go to any in the coming year?
Liz: Gosh I never knew there were conventions!!?? I would love to go to one. Maybe I can reunite with Mickey and Minnie again!
David: If any person in history could sign their photo for you, which person would you ask and what would you like them to say in their dedication?
Liz: I would just die for a signed copy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I'm in love with his words, he is someone who has had a great impact on my life. I grew up memorizes his monologues in R&J, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet.
You can always catch the lovely Miss Liz on MySpace or at the movies where a big future beckons the Lady in Crimson

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