She sings, she dances, she acts, she’s a triple threat is how that old movie quote goes. It was true way back when, and it’s also very true of beautiful young actress, Jennifer Sciole today. The youngest child in a close-knit Philly family of eight, Jennifer has been working (and dreaming) hard all her life learning the craft of acting. Along the way, she has also added many other strings to her bow. Jennifer has majored in both psychology and business management, which has allowed her to spread her wings as a producer on three of her recent films. During the late nineties, Jennifer also built her own technology and consulting firm, which also allowed her the independence to pursue acting on her own terms.

While many hours have been spent honing her skills with teachers like Bernard Hiller, John Homa and Nathan Reid, it has been Jennifer’s own hard labour, which has led to her current successes. Fresh out of St Joseph’s University in Philadelphia Jennifer moved to LA to chase work as an extra and learn all the necessary skills, which are now really starting to pay dividends for her. Evidence this by the fact that Jennifer has been involved in more than ten films and TV guest spots in the last two years, with more films in the pipeline for 2008. Diverse films, ranging from extreme horror and drama, to comedy and serial killers. To compare Blood: A Butcher’s Tale with One, Two, Many would be like comparing chalk to cheese, however, they both bear testimony to Jennifer’s diverse range as an actor and her continuing climb up the ladder of success. The future seems assured.

Outside of film, Jennifer is just as busy with her day-to-day life. She is working hard to hone her singing talents and hopefully realize her first album. She is an ardent dancer embracing styles as diverse as hip hop and go go. It would be impossible to list all the different activities Jennifer has conquered, but a few include yoga, weightlifting, belly dancing, firearms, martial arts, mountain-biking, skating and ice skating, snow skiing, stage combat, not to mention a dozen different accents from her traditional Italian background to a dinky-di Aussie accent, “crikey.” Toss in a little ballroom dancing, cross country running, a trampoline, some voice-over work as well as swimming and I’m getting really dizzy. This gal has it all!!!

Jennifer also spends many of her spare hours helping, Last Chance for Animals, a nationally based non-profit organization determined to prevent the exploitation of animals in fields ranging from scientific research to entertainment; basically any use of animals which causes any animals unnecessary suffering and pain. In her spare time, Jennifer also practices Tai Bo and enjoys time with her two dogs Brady and Austin. One wonders how she gets any spare time!!!

While Jennifer has never worked as a model professionally, fans will find some stunningly lovely photo shoots on her official website and her terrific MySpace page. Given her stunning figure and beautiful smile, she may indeed grace many magazine covers in the future. And there is little doubt that her glossy autographed 10x8 photos will become highly collectible as her film and photo oeuvre expands in the coming years.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful and talented Jennifer Sciole then go say hello to her at her great MySpace page or enjoy some great video shorts and luscious photos at:

I recently enjoyed a brief tête-à-tête with Jennifer about her life and career and here’s some of what she had to say…


David: Do you recall when it was that you signed your first autograph and how you felt at the time?

Jennifer: It was on the red carpet at the Peoples Choice Awards. It was very exciting. One of the fans in the stands asked for my autograph as I was walking the red carpet

David: What has been one of your funniest or most unusual moments working on a film set? 

Jennifer: The most unusual moment was where I filmed, Breaking the F-ing Rules. The studio is rented out at night, as a swingers’ club. There were nude photos all over the hallway walls that were covered up with curtains, and there were odd paintings on the walls, and secret rooms with multiple beds. My dressing room had a stripper pole in it.

David: Do you collect movie memorabilia or autographs, and if so what are some of your favourite treasures?

Jennifer: Mostly, I just like to capture my memorable moments with photos. There are so many events that I attend that if I don't keep a photo journal, they all kind of blur into one. I guess that's my old age setting in.

David: If any person in history could sign a photo for you, who would you ask and what would you like them to say in their dedication to you. 

Jennifer: I would say, Johnny Carson, The King of Late Night. Instead of the Ed McMahon phrase that introduced Johnny every night, I would want him to write, "Heerrre's Jenny!"
And of course, I would love a photo from George Clooney with "Jen, Will You Marry Me?" Written on it, lol!!!

David: When you aren't working on films, what activities bring the most pleasure to your life?

Jennifer: Relaxing by pool. Also, I don't do it enough, but I love to get pampered at the spa with a good massage, facial, and anything else to help relieve stress.

David: Could you share with us some of your favourite films, books, musos and actors?

Jennifer: Heat is one of my favorite movies. I mean, could you get a better cast? I prefer to read self-help books, which help me improve my craft. I love music. I listen to everything from rock to hip hop to dance to country depending on my mood. My favorite actors are Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis and Jennifer Aniston.

David: If you could personally pick your own cast and director, who would you choose and in what type of film would you like to be the star?

Jennifer: That's a hard one because I like action/drama and comedy. However, I would love to have the opportunity to work with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Their style is so unique and it would be such an honor to work with them. And I would love to work with any of the very talented actors and actresses that I listed above.

David: What are some of the long-term goals and aspirations for your career and life?         

Jennifer: I like to choose scripts that move me, and if I can work on a film that I feel passionate about, and also have the opportunity to work with the best of the best, that would be the biggest honor.

David: If you were suddenly stranded on a desert island what would be the one thing you could not live without?

Jennifer: Oh, that would have to be two my dogs, Austin and Brady. They are my babies.

David: Is there a particular story from your life or your career that you think best sums up Jennifer Sciole, the person rather than the actor?

Jennifer: Family is very important to me. I hope to one day have my entire family living together in one state. Right now, my parents and siblings are in Philadelphia, and I split my time between Los Angeles and, when I have some time off, Houston. So maybe one day we can all live closer to each other, so we can see each other more often.

(c) David Priol 2007
Photographs copyrighted and use with kind permission of Miss Jennifer Sciole


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