The beautiful Jessica Cameron is probably the best thing ever to come out of Owen Sound, which sits quietly over Georgian Bay in northern Ontario, Canada. Acting may be what drives Jessica these days where she has been tied into more than ten films in under two years, however, Jessica also managed to complete a degree in fashion at Toronto’s Ryerson University before taking on fashion design in Ohio. Perhaps it means that Jessica is now the best dressed actress in Hollywood!!! Although she will tell you that she does like to shop until she drops when the mood takes her.

Since making some video shorts and a TV appearance in 2008 the work is now snowballing for Jessica and a host of films will be released in the coming months and 2011 should be a bumper year including major roles in Girl Scout Cookies, The Human Factor and God Don’t Make the Laws. Jessica has been doing so well that she recently landed a Cob Award for Rising B Movie Actress of 2010. And Jessica will be appearing in a hot tub near you!!! (Lloyd Kaufman may or may not be involved!) If not Jessica can be stalked (in a nice way guys) on Facebook and tell her, I sent you!!!

I caught up with Jessica recently and this is what she had to say…

David: Can you tell us about signing your very first autograph and how you felt at the time?

Jessica: Honestly it felt, and still does, feel very weird. It's a surreal experience. When people come up and know who you are, people you have never met...its sweet but random. You feel very exposed. I enjoy it, I love all my fans, and horror fans in particular. They are so passionate and love the genre. I am so blessed to be a part of it.

David: How have you found the transition from appearing in video clips and shorts to making feature films?

Jessica: I found it a relatively easy transition to make. I decided that I was going to pursue acting as my full time career - and that meant I would have to travel and do bigger projects. I love it, and for the first time ever I can honestly say I love my career. When you love what you do, it makes it easier to work 18 hours a day!

David: Thinking back over the films you have done so far what has been the most dangerous or strangest moment you’ve encountered so far, not including spiders? And including spiders!!!!

Jessica: HA! Although I am in the film Camel Spiders, there were no actual spiders on set, thankfully, since I am very much not a fan of those eight-legged creatures. The scariest moment I had on set was when I was filming a web-series and the stunt trainer clearly had no idea what she was doing. She was trying to instruct myself and others in how to safely do stunts and was putting us at risk. I had to refuse to do some things since they were not safe. In those situations you have to stand up for yourself and stay safe.

David: Do you collect any movie memorabilia or autographs, and if so what are some your treasures?

Jessica: I like to get the autographs of those I am working with. Signed posters, pictures, etc… I collect things that are milestones in my life more so than things that I am a fan of. I still have the voicemail saved of the first acting job that I got, I have my first large deal memo (which I am getting framed), my Golden Cob Award, my first published article, etc.

David: If any person in history could sign their photo for you, who would it be and what would you like them to say in their dedication?

Jessica: It would be Marilyn Monroe, and I would want her to tell me what keeps her going. When she is struggling what helps her to get up in the morning. I would love to know, in her own words, what makes her tick. That would be amazing. I am her biggest fan.

David: Have you attended any autograph or memorabilia shows, and if so do you have any funny stories? Or any unusual autograph requests in general?

Jessica: I attend conventions at the requests of the film makers that I am working with. I like to interact with my fans whenever I get the chance. I certainly get asked for my shoes online. I get asked frequently for them actually!!! I take it as a compliment after all as I have a great shoe collection!

David: In no particular order, what are some of your favourite films, books, actors?

Jessica: Natural Born Killers, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, The Double Born, The Wish Master, Saw, Kill Bill and the list could go on! Sean Patrick Flannery, Ryan Gosling, Robert Downey Jr, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Christopher Walken.

David: I’ve noticed that some of the best new talent (especially actresses) are starting their careers in the horror genre before moving towards more the mainstream drama and action films. Do you think that this is due to the fact that because most horror films work on very tight budgets and short filming schedules, actors in this genre get a very good grounding, which helps them prepare for the move up the ladder where the film studios dominate feature film making?

Jessica: I think this has always been an avenue for actors to get their start so to speak. Jenn Aniston did Leprechaun, Katherine Heigel did several horror films too, and the list continues...

The horror fans will embrace a good horror film, even if there is not a "name" in it. So it makes it easier to get a good role, and to develop a following.
Acting in any good quality, low budget film is great training since you really understand the passion that is necessary to maintain a solid career. To see people work so hard, for so many hours for such minimal pay in admirable. But insane hours, constant script rewrites, less then ideal working environments are common regardless of budget size.

David: If you got the chance to work with any director, actor or actress, whom would you most like to work with and in what genre?

Jessica: There are so many great people I want to work with....
I would love Andy Fickman to direct me in a comedy.
I would love Eli Roth to direct me in a horror.

I would love Quentin Tarantino to direct me in one of his masterpieces.
I would also love Tony Randle to direct me in a dark piece. His last film, The Double Born, was beautifully dark and intense.

I really admire Sean Patrick Flannery's intensity and I’d really love to work with him. He is great in all the films I have seen him in, drama, horror, comedy... he can do it all!

Sarah Polly is someone that I would enjoy working with either as an actress or as a director. Sarah is such a strong woman in this business, and we certainly need more women like her!

David: When you’re not working in front of a camera what other activities dominate your time?

Jessica: The business end of show business is very time consuming and what I spend much of my time doing; paperwork, contracts, reading scripts, doing interviews, photo-shoots, signings etc.

When I am not working I just love spending time with my family and friends... I have two wonderful nieces and a great god daughter whom I love playing Barbies with, playing dress up, etc.

And, of course I just love going to the movies too, and shopping :)
David: These last two years have been huge for you appearing in several new films, but can you tell us more about your long term goals?

Jessica: I have so many! Where do I start!

I will be transitioning to LA in the New Year, so to do that successfully is certainly a goal.

I want to work on more studio pictures, and more films which receive theatrical releases. I want to do some TV, and really branch out more into all film genres.

In the long term I want to win 3 Oscars and an Emmy.
David: Can you tell us something very different about you as the person, rather than Jessica Cameron the actress?

Jessica: I love not having to set my alarm clock and being able to wake up whenever I want. Then spend the rest of the day with no makeup or hair, and just spend the rest of the day in my pjs. I try to do this once a week, but it’s more like once a month when I’m able to manage it! But I really cherish those days.

I also try to do something nice for someone at least once a day. Not necessarily something big, it could be holding open a door, saying a friendly hello, or calling a friend to say thank you for being a great pal. Little things can make a big difference.

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