Sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, but always funky; this is Huntergirl. Kiara Hunter is the real deal when it comes to a full on career. While Huntergirl refers to Kiara’s post-apocalyptic comic book creation, this energy-packed action girl has a lot of other flames in her fire. Kiara is currently working on a second CD after seeing her single, Believe (off the debut album We Can Play) hit #9 on the Euro dance charts after supporting Atomic Kitten across 22 cities during 2002. This first album was co-written by Kiara and Grammy winning producer, Ian Prince and did so well on the club scene that three of the songs including Believe were picked up for the movie, Protection starring Stephen Baldwin and Peter Gallagher.

Which segues nicely into Kiara’s own acting career, which began playing a body-double for Demi Moore (eat ya heart out, Ashton!!) in the Robert DeNiro-Sean Penn romp, We’re No Angels. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Kiara had already won numerous titles including Miss and Miss Ujena of and had worked as a professional cheerleader for the BC Lions. Kiara has also been known to belt out the American and Canadian Anthems at the odd sporting event and over the years has acquired a wide range of skills as diverse as accents (ranging from Russian to British to a little Macon-Dixon drawl), equestrian riding and jumping and, she was formerly a Canadian national swim team member.

These skills have been realized in a number of film and TV roles where Kiara has been able to showcase, not only her great natural beauty, but her athletic skills along with a growing diversity as an actor, which ranges from horror to sci fi, and to the recent dramatic short, The Plate, in which she costars with David Lewis. Kiara and David are the only two actors in this film, which delves into the darker side of domesticity. Along the way, Kiara’s roles have had her working with the likes of Billy Dee Williams, Angie Everhart, C Thomas Howell, Earl Holliman, Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper.

Soon, we may also see this videogame junkie debuting on Bollywood celluloid. A seemingly strange direction to take, you might think, until you realize that Kiara is strongly driven to assist the young of India. Working there will allow her a more direct experience helping third-world children than her long involvement with World Vision and Foster Parents Plan.

You can catch up with all Kiara’s latest projects, sexy galleries, journal, videos, charity work with children and music at
In the meantime, here’s some of what Kiara had to say in our recent Q&A….

Hello Kiara. Did you sign your first photo as Miss Canada or when you started work as an actress?

Kiara: Hello! ;)  I was very young when I represented Canada, which was before I became an actress.  So yes, I signed my first autograph while I was Miss Canada.
David: How did the move from beauty queen and fitness model to film and TV actor come about?

Kiara: I started out in the business by doing stunt work originally because I was fit and I could do gymnastics. I then moved up to become a 'special skill' extra which is when you are near the lead cast and the camera is on you for a long time (!) ;) and then I did some body doubling work for Demi Moore!  Soon, I began doing smaller acting roles and then eventually worked my way up to guest stars and leads. Every moment, from the smallest of roles to the largest, never changed the way I felt on the set of a project, I have been hired for. I love them all!!!

David: So what is the funniest thing that has happened to you working on a photo shoot or film set?

Kiara: Having Dennis Miller on set for Bordello of Blood made me laugh a lot! He was very witty (!) so everyone was always laughing; it was so hard to be serious in the scenes when he was always adlibbing and making us giggle.......
David: Have you ever had problems with fans or autograph hunters?
Kiara: Never! My fans are the best in the world!!! The letters I receive are amazing.
David: Do you collect movie memorabilia or autographs and if so what are your favorites? And have you attended a memorabilia or autograph show yet?
Kiara: Yes, I collect scripts. I've got quite a few and enjoy reading them and then watching the flick right after. It truly is exciting to see how the actors, director and editing makes the words come alive. A couple of scripts, I really like are: Blade Runner and Lord of the Rings. I haven’t attended a show yet, but maybe one day I will.

David: If anyone in history could sign their photograph for you, who would you ask and what would you like them say in their dedication?
Kiara: Princess Diana. The day she left us was indeed a loss for all. She represented a strong, caring woman who supported so many charitable issues and carried herself with such dignity and true beauty. I had seen her once in person and she had such a glow about her. She looked like an angel. I would be happy if she just smiled at me let alone get her autograph.

David: What things bring joy to your life?

Kiara: Laughter, love, sharing, eating, exercising, playing with my dog and cats, working on a movie set/recording studio, writing, my Huntergirl comic strip,  Vancouver, friends, the outdoors, golf, going to the movies, dancing, sharing, giving and especially loving…

David: Can you tell us a few of your favourite movies and actors, and who would you most like to work with if you had the opportunity?

Kiara: Cate Blanchett, Rachel Weisz, Leo DiCaprio, Steve Buscemi,  Director Darren Aronofsky, Angelina Jolie, Will Ferrell,  Christian Bale, Jack Black, Jack Nicholson, Director Steven Spielberg, Ellen Burstyn, anything the Wachowski brothers do, Marilyn Monroe, Sally Field and................well, there's just too many amazing talents I would die to work with!! LOL

Some of my favorite movies are: Whale Rider, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Girlfight, anything Will Ferrell, and old scary movies (especially vampire ones!)Blade Runner, Toy Story, and again there is just so many to choose from!
David: Can you tell us a little about your charity work and the connection to India, which has now led to starring in your first Bollywood film epic?

Kiara: I have been working with two larger agencies called World Vision and Fosters Parent Plan for around 15 years now. I sponsor ten or so children from around the world including India, Congo, Zambia, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.  I find it very rewarding to spend only one dollar a day to provide a child the ability to read and have more nutritional choices among the many other things that I take for granted in my own life. By giving back, I truly feel alive and would recommend it to everyone- it's very addictive!:-) I also a member of the World Wildlife Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals and the David Suzuki Foundation.

David: Can you recall and incident or event in your life that best describes yourself as a person?

Kiara: Yes. A woman, I barely knew eleven years ago, told me that I was living in a 'dream world' to think I could make it as BOTH an actress and a singer........and that I was headed for 'disaster'. I thanked her sweetly saying that it's people like her that give me inspiration to do not only that, but much more and I will stay and flourish in this business or any business for that matter for as long as I'd like. I don't believe in guesses and hopes, I believe in myself and what I am capable of achieving. No one can tell anyone to forget their dreams. Perseverance, patience and passion.... all the ingredients of success!


Article (c) David Priol 2007
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