David: What was the most enjoyable experience when you were asked to make your film debut at the tender age of seven?

Silvia: Even if I was very young (I started acting at half past 5) I still have vivid memories of these past experiences. What excited me most was the set, the special make up effects and receiving the “packet lunch”, I loved it!

David: Do you recall when and where you were asked to sign your very first autograph for a fan?

Silvia: I did not use to sign autographs at that time. My very first time was in 2009 at the Chiller Theatre horror convention in New Jersey.

David: What was the funniest moment you had working on the set of a film?

Silvia: While acting we were all very concentrated so I do not remember any particular funny moment. Surely, behind the scenes... I remember a funny anecdote during House by the Cemetery. I was inside the studios in Rome and I was wandering around the makeup room when I saw something round wrapped in a sheet, hidden in a corner. As it aroused my curiosity, I opened it and suddenly I sprang back: it was the cut-off model head of Anja Pieroni. I stayed astonished but after I realized it was beautiful in its details: the face was screaming with a grimace of pain: it seemed absolutely true!! I wanted to take home!

David: If any person from history could sign a photo to you, who would you like to ask and what would you like them to say in their dedication?

Silvia: Surely, I would like to have the autograph of Alfred Hitchcock, a milestone in his movie and one of the biggest masters in suspense. But I have to admit that I would also like to have a picture signed by Lucio Fulci with a dedication saying that he deeply appreciated my acting in his movies and that I was a real horror movie actress . I say this with nostalgia…

David: Over the years, you have done a variety of autograph conventions, across the globe and what are some of your favourites?

Silvia: Any one!!! For me, each convention differs from the others: the location, the people, always the fans. I always enjoy myself as if it is always the very first time!

David: Have you ever had a funny or strange experience with a fan, or an autograph hunter?

Silvia: Yes! One that makes me smile. A fan came to a convention with a very rare DVD of The House by the Cemetery and he asked me to autograph it, and to write a dedication to him. By mistake, I confused his name and wrote another one… I did not know how to tell him… I tried to recover the uncomfortable situation… but I realized he was very displeased… but somehow or other I managed to pass over…

David: If you had a chance to work with any director or actor, whom would you most like work with and what type of movie would you love to do the most?

Silvia: Well… frankly speaking there are many directors I’d like to work with… just to mention some: John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, George Romero and so on… but of course, there are lots of others who did great jobs too! Needless to say, I would like to make another horror movie!!!

David: What story from your life tells us something very different about Sylvia Collatina the person, rather than the actress, we have seen on celluloid?

Silvia: I cannot deny, I am very fond of horror movies and horror in general as well as everything that is macabre, gothic and I am very interested in paranormal experiences, serial killers and so on. But this does not mean that I am insane… on the contrary I am a very sensitive person, I love animals and children, music and dancing, I get easily emotional … I love maths, drawings on marble, learning languages and I am a very protective person… anyway horror will always be part of my life!!

Moreover, we can only hope that we are blessed enough to see the lovely 
Miss Silvia making films again one day...

Silvia Collatina
The Girl by the House by the Cemetery

(c) David Priol 2013