If you want to see lots of blood, splatter, knee-high gore and schlock then you will certainly enjoy watching the very tasty Tiffany Shepis filling your screen. However, if you like violence with a capital V, then this girl ain’t your babe. At the ripe old age of 24 Tiffany is a veteran with over 22 films under her very sexy belt. Since hitting the screens in Tromeo & Juliet in 1996, Tiffany’s rising star has oozed across the screens with actors as varied as Julia Strain, Brad Dourif, Lloyd Kaufmann and Brinke Stevens. Tiff’s sexy dance in Toxic Avenger IV was definitely a highlight of that film and she is the class act of Delta, Delta Die where she upstages both Julie Strain and Brinke Stevens with her sassy moves.

The fact that Tiffany is such a beautiful lady is underscored by the fact that her autographed photos are becoming increasingly sought after as her career continues to blossom. With the help of her lovely mother Jules there are dozens of stunning images of Tiffany available from her appearances at shows and various signings. Tiffany has been very popular at shows like Chiller and Cannes and remains forever the vivacious and approachable ingénue.

Although New York born Tiffany grew up loving the Indie horror genre and has created a niche in this popular subculture, there is every reason to believe that as she loses her puppy fat (metaphorically speaking) that she will blossom into a highly talented and sought after mainstream actress. It is like the ten years of very hard work that Miss Tiff has put into making films and videos are a part of her training ground for future success. Just as fine young actresses like Christina Ricci and Lacey Chabert make the transition to adult roles, one can also be certain that the lovely Tiffany will also make the move up, probably into adventure/action roles. Not that anyone will ever be able to take the scream out of this princess of gore.

In the meantime fans of Indie schlock films will continue to get a huge boost out of watching Tiffany’s current crop of films like The Hazing, Corpses and Host & Hostage, or by catching up with Tiffany at her great website:


In the meantime, I enjoyed a quick tête-à-tête with this totally affable babe and here's what Tiffany had to say...

David: Let me say that I know only a few things about you beyond some of your screen appearances. What I do know is that you have a high work ethic which can be seen by your desire to act from age 12; that you have a bitchin’ attitude to horror that makes you positively glow on screen and that you possess all the drop-dead moves and grooves to make a grown man cry. That said; how would Tiffany Shepis paint a portrait of herself in less than fifty strokes?

Tiffany: Paint a picture of myself in 50 strokes or less.......hmmmmm now how do I do that without sounding completely self-centred???? Wow that's great I’ve already got the first one. Self-centred (cause there is no other way to be in my profession) Pretty cool, funny most often especially with cocktail in tow, family oriented to a very, VERY sick point, love sick horror flicks, but at the same time have a deep dark love for the Golden Girls. Very loyal (except when I'm not) and I love making movies!!! Was that 50 strokes?????? Hmmmmm.

David: You hit our screens in 1996 playing Peter in the awesome cult classic, Tromeo & Juliet. However, by this time you were already addicted to the horror genre so did this role hold any surprises for you? What was the toughest moment making your first major film?

Tiffany: By the time I got my first role in Tromeo & Juliet I was totally addicted to horror films, especially the BAD ones, so you could imagine the level of excitement I had working on a Troma film!!!! There weren't many surprises on that film, except for the fact that Lloyd really let's you take charge of your character. He was really cool that way. I would say Lloyd, nobody would ever say this and he'd go, “well, fuck it, change it and make it better.” You don't find a lot of directors like that.....it's always a fucking fight over BAD dialogue.

The only tough moment on that set for me was for me having to leave. I mean I would stop by set on day's I wasn't scheduled to work just to see if they needed anything, I would have helped with craft service ANYTHING just to be there!

David: Obviously horror holds little fear for you, but what things do make your skin crawl, and I don’t mean a date with Michael Bolton?

Tiffany: What things make my skin crawl????????? It used to be heights, but I think I’m over that. Eyeballs are gross, Mayonnaise, Silver Fish (ya know those lil silver bugs...quick lil fuckers) Smelly people, and all types of bathroom humour.

David: While you’re now at home with nudity and splatter on screen, what sort of scenes would really turn you off?

Tiffany: What type of scenes turn me off??? Well anything involving the above mentioned.....except for the eyeball part, I can watch that on TV, Scenes like the ones in "I spit on your grave" Man that movie fucked me up for years!!!!! Not really a big fan of super real violence in "Normal" movies. It's weird ‘cause I don't mind someone’s brains getting bashed in a horror flick but I can't watch the baseball bat scene from Casino...weird huh????

David: Nah, the vice scene did it for me, Tiffany. Given that you have shot lots of films at home and that you were an associate producer on Ghosts of Genius, will we see you working behind the scenes as a director or writer sometime?

Tiffany: I'm not sure. The Directing thing I’ve always thought about, but there’s nothing that I’ve read or written that I have any desire to direct. I have Written LOTS of things however I never ever finish them. I guess that's the actors A.D.D in me. Maybe one day when they come out with something better than Ritalin I will sit down and finish them all) I like doing Producing, however Associate is the way I like to go, that way all the burden is not on my shoulders, but you still have some power to tell your crew and cast where they’re fucking up.

David: Let’s take that a step further. What would be your idea of the perfect horror story?

Tiffany: Perfect horror story?? Baby if I knew that one I would not have the time to do this interview I would be at my gay ass power lunch in Beverly Hills with the Weinstein’s!

David: You made the point that quite a few horror shows have mainstreamed and I presume you were talking about the Buffy/Angel type franchise. While you enjoy a very successful career at the moment, do you ever see yourself moving into more mainstream film-making?

Tiffany: Do I ever see myself moving in to mainstream movies and the like??? Well yeah we all hope we can move on to bigger things. I do love making the films I make but I love making ALL types of films. So to answer your question even though I do have a sick love for B-horror films if 7th heaven wanted me to come on to play the ministers long lost daughter you bet your ass I'd be there.

David: Can you tell us about the very first time you signed a photo for a fan?

Tiffany: The very first photo I signed for a fan? That was actually really crazy. It was right after we shot Tromeo. My good friend and fellow Troma Superstar Joe Flieshaker asked me if I wanted to go sign stuff at the Fangoria Convention in NYC. I had been to the show before as a fan, but not to sign stuff I mean the movie wasn't even out yet. So Joe say's don't worry everything will be fine......No, I so didn't want to be one of those people that I used to make fun of at these things, going uhhhh who the f**k is that???? Well Joe convinced me to go. I had my friend Jimmy snap some shots of me the weekend before and I made up 150 5/6 black and white laser copies. Ha what an idiot I was... Well, I'm sitting at the show and they let the people in, the first guy that comes up is some dude covered in, I think he said 380 piercings. He asked how much for a photo----damn I hadn't thought about that, I didn't think anyone would ask so I charged a buck. I sold out within the first hour. I went back the next day with 300 more and charged 5. Funny stuff!

David: What are some of the more bizarre, or hilarious, requests you’ve had? And I mean for autographs! And if any person (or villain) in history could sign their photo for you, who would it be and what would you have them say in their dedication to you?

Tiffany: Bizarre requests??? Well there is a guy at the Chiller con's in N.J who we call the choker. Yeah fool want's you to put your hands around his next and squeeze till his fat lil face turns purple. It was fun for a while till I actually started to get in to it, I think I squeezed a lil to tight…he doesn't come by my booth anymore. :(

I also have one dude who like's to buy my cigarettes after I smoke them. Another one that wanted to pay me to crush lil action figures (like G.I Joes) under my high heel's on tape. Seems simple enough, but too fucking weird to go through with!

David: Can you tell us your all-time top five films and some of your favourite actors?

Tiffany: My all time top 5 favourite films? That's hard ‘cause they change every week or I forget about one, but whatever I'll try:


Castle Freak

The Game

Twin Peaks (Fire Walk With Me)

The Legend Of Billy Jean (shut up)

Favourite actors

Sherilyn Fenn

Gabriel Burns

Brad Dourif

James Woods

Angelina Jolie (only in Girl Interrupted & Gia)

David: If you got stranded in a haunted house for a weekend and could only have five other celebrities there with you, who would you choose and who would be the last one standing?

Tiffany: If I was stranded in a haunted house for the weekend & could only bring five other celebs with me who would they be?????

Well, I'd bring Samuel Jackson ‘cause ya just know he's gonna die first....no offence to him, that's just the way it goes. I'd bring Pam Anderson or someone similar to show their tits then die-so then we are only down to three, I'd bring Gunner Hanson or Kane Hodder just to help fuck up the ghosts, I'd bring that fool that wrote the zombie survival guide cause he probably knows how to make some weird ass monster killing machine, and I'd bring the Rock just cause he's hot and I would need someone to sleep with in our hour of death. Who would be the last one standing??? Shit you tell me.

David: You’ve made some very hot music videos with some great bands, but what band or singer would you kill for, to make a video with? And is it true that you turned down the chance to appear naked while singing backing vocals for Michael Bolton?

Tiffany: Who would I kill to make a music video with??? I don't know. I haven't done a video in a while. The last one was Destiny's Child and it never aired. So not sure but just for the record it is totally true that I turned down the chance of a life time to appear naked while signing backup vocals for M.B and I know now it was the biggest mistake of my life....the one thing I truly regret. :(

David: What does the future hold for Tiffany Shepis?

Tiffany: What does the future hold for me?? My standard response would be Betty Ford, but I’ve heard that there are much better places now. Ummm hopefully I just keep making movies and hopefully BETTER ones.

I start working on a film called Corpses in February and we are now in the editing process of our documentary Un-Conventional. Looking for Financing for our film Dead Girls and have a lot of really cool horror-icons attached, so it shouldn't be too hard. Waiting on the Hazing which stars Brad Dourif, Brook Burke and moi and also New Comer with Perry Shen (better luck tomorrow), to get distribution. As well as HomeSick, starring Bill (choptop) Mosley and myself to hit the mark. Hopefully there will be bigger and better stuff this year.

David: Before we sign off and let you get back to the blood, the gore and the killer dance grooves, are there any messages you’d like to share with your growing legion of fans? And did you ever take advantage of that interviewer from Visions of Terror! Mine’s a Black Russian if you did?

Tiffany: Anything I want to say to the fans??? Yeah thanks for being so nutty to like my stuff----hopefully I can keep turning them out for you to enjoy on your drug induced nights at home.

Oh, didn't I take advantage of the guy from Visions of Terror....NO, he never showed up!!!!!!      
I promise that if your crazy ass isn't too scared and makes it out to the West Coast we can have an insane night of binge drinking and horror flicks....................if you can stand it!) hahahaha

Love & Blood




The Kentucky Fried Horror Show (2008) (pre-production) (rumored)
Thorns from a Rose (2008) (pre-production) (rumored)
Bryan Loves You (2007) (post-production) .... Cindy
Dark Reel (2007) (post-production) .... Cassie Blue
The Queen of Screams (2007) (post-production) .... Naomi Stewart
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (2007) (V) (post-production) .... Tiffany
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