The first time I saw Tamie Sheffield, she was getting a little too intimate with some maggoty cheese. Now, here was a girl you could take home to mother, well if you wanted to make your father smile. In the world Tamie inhabits this stunt (which helped her win $50,000) is barely out there, if you want my humble opinion. There is little doubt that this stunning farm girl is really an adrenalin junkie at heart. Here was the All-American girl, the homecoming queen, the almost girl-next-door, who looked equally as chic strutting Hollywood's red carpet as hanging upside down from a helicopter.

And yes, Tamie really is a self-confessed adrenalin junkie and extreme adventures
has become a huge part of her life. This includes trying anything from  ATV-riding, motocross, skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, white water rafting, Jet Skiing, water and snow skiing and horseback riding. Tami is also a PADI-certified scuba diver. The need for speed also means the need for space and the need to conquer the world. In the last decade or so Tamie has invaded ports as diverse as the tropical Caribbean to the heights of Switzerland and the depths of Belize. Tamie has eaten sushi in Japan, sipped Schnapps in Austria, kissed leprechauns in Tipperary and avoided warm beer in London. Over twenty-five countries have fallen to Tamie's charm. And many more nations await her advance. Is it any wonder you'll hear Tamie quoting James Dean, "Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die tomorrow." And you just know that Maxim's #96 Hot Girl would look just as dangerous racing a classic Porsche Spyder.

This statuesque blonde who grew up on a small farm near Mechanicsberg PA has packed an incredible lot of living into her thirty-one years. Nearly half of her life had been spent as a cheerleader from primary school through to university, which also culminated in Tamie graduating Summa Cum Laude at WestChester University with a BA in Elementary Education.

In the last seven years alone, Tamie has been building one of Hollywood's most eclectic oeuvres. From reality shows like Fear Factor and The Lingerie Bowl, Tamie has shot numerous layouts for glossy magazines like Stuff, Maxim, Playboy and Femme Fatale, has a series of highly collectible Kiss and bikini Swatch cards with Benchwarmer, hosted on dozens of programmes as diverse as the American Music Awards to 30 Minutes of Fame and guest spots on hit shows like Just Shoot Me and Oblivious. Not to mention scoring parts in films like Intolerable Cruelty, Confidence and Garfield. Or just a spot of professional wrestling under the rather apt pseudonym, Sandy where she would tag team with Bobbi Billard in a rather overheated tribute to Baywatch.

So if you want to be thrown by Tamie then drop by her website and check out her galleries, resume and marvellous demo reels at:

In the meantime enjoy this conversation I recently had the pleasure of having with the ever glam and ever natural Miss Tamie Sheffield....

David: You spent more than a dozen years as a cheerleader and I wondered what was the funniest or most unusual moment you remember from those days?

Tamie:    I was a cheerleader for over 14 years and have many memorable moments, but my weirdest or shall I say dirtiest was in college when our football team was playing our rival at University of Delaware. It was pouring down raining and we were still cheering on the sidelines in thick ankle deep mud! Only in the first quarter, an incredible pass was thrown and I was following the ball, not the 300 pound player heading right my way. He ploughed into me sending us both flying into the mud! I was OK with some bruises,but I was completely covered in mud! I went to the bathroom and cleaned my uniform as best as I could and went back out and finished the game. Yes, go it a blonde moment!!

David: How did you first autograph request come about?

Tamie: This is so embarrassing since I know there are still thousands of these posters out there somewhere! My first autograph request was when I was the Miss TOYO Tires girl! I used to travel to all the NIRA races around the United States and sign posters and do photos with fans. UGH!! That was so long ago!!

David: How did you find it working in front of camera as an actor compared to being a host?

Tamie: I find it very different and very similar when I'm in front of the camera acting or hosting. Acting is definitely harder when you are playing someone completely different from yourself. You really have to "be in the moment" and learn about the characters past and present and future of whom you are portraying. They are very similar in that many times you have a lot of dialogue to memorize. I would have to say hosting is a bit more fun at times because you have more room to bring your own personality into it...lots of improvising as well....we call this "Guerrilla-Style shooting." What it really means is that you just go with the flow!!

David: Your greatest love seems to be extreme sports and I wondered firstly if you there is any extreme sport you would not dare try and secondly what has been your most dangerous moment or your worst injury (so far!!!).

Tamie:   Yes! I love extreme sports. There is no sport that I can think of right now that I wouldn't do. I'm always the one to try everything at least once! My worst injury so far would probably just be my bad neck and back from my professional wrestling days with WOW. Lets just say my chiropractor is one of my very good friends ever since I left wrestling!!

David: Being a highly desirable TV personality, I wondered what have been some of the best or lamest pick up lines men have tried on you. And did any of them ever work???

Tamie:   There are too many pick up lines thrown at me to mention, but the one I heard 100 times was one when I was wrestling. Guys would come up to me and say "hey I can help you practice your body slams!" I'm like that's original!! I never heard that one before! No! Too be honest, wrestling fans are really just too weird for me!

David: Do you collect any autographs or memorabilia yourself and if so what are some of your favourites?

Tamie:   I don't collect any autographs at all, but I have to admit I do love taking photographs with other celebrities. I hate asking's so awkward!! I can say that I have quite a selection of photos with all different kinds of people including Kid Rock, Ben Affleck, Jerry Springer, Paula Abdul, David Boreanaz, Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, Jamie Fox  to Maria Shriver!

David: What has been your toughest or most exciting interview on Red Carpet?

Tamie:   It's very exciting interviewing on the Red Carpet because you never know what the person will be like. Just when I think a celebrity will be so much fun to interview...they are a bore and don't speak! Or when I think the person is such a snob or is "too cool" to do an interview they turn out to be so down to earth and we chat until my producer cuts us off! My favorite interview would probably to Snoop Dog. I had that "opinion" which I just mentioned earlier of him. I wasn't a big fan of his. After our interview, I think he is the coolest person. He really is a friendly guy who loves to chat! Who would've thought!!

David: Have you ever done (or plan to do) any autograph or memorabilia conventions like Chiller or DragonCon?

Tamie:   I did a few Comiccon convention when I was wrestling and thought they were pretty fun..especially going with a bunch of the other girls. I have no near future plans of going but you never know! I might be coming to a city near you!!!

David: Can you tell us what directions your film and TV career is heading towards and what projects lie on the horizon?

Tamie:    I wish I could tell you which direction my film and TV career was going! I don't even know!! It seems as if it's always changing! Just when I think to myself....".OK, I'm only going to pursue hosting...then a great TV opportunity comes my way!" I completed a pilot called TRAILER COURT JUSTICE last month. It's a cross between Jerry Springer and Judge Judy!! I'm the "Daisy Duke" bailiff who is more interesting in doing my nails and flirting with the plaintiffs  than paying attention to the court case! Let's hope it gets picked up!! It's quite funny!!! I'm also getting ready to host the 200 Lingerie Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday with Jenny McCarthy and Dennis Rodman. 40 hot girls playing football in lingerie and Dennis know it's going to be crazy! I'm glad I'll be right there on the sidelines to cover all the action!!! I love acting and hosting so I guess only the future knows!!

David: What things outside of your career and extreme sports bring you joy?

Tamie:   What brings me joy beside my career and extreme sports.....SHOPPING OF COURSE!! That was the easiest question so far! I  love hanging out with my little toy Maltese Coco! She makes me smile every time I look at her! She's so spoiled!! I never thought I was going to be "one of those girls with the purse dogs." I AM AND I LOVE IT!! I also enjoy taking pictures! My camera goes with me everywhere!! Wouldn't you like to take a peek at my personal collection...maybe one day!!

David: Given the chance which movie star or director would you most like to work with and why?

Tamie:   If I could work with any movie star, I have to say that it would definitely be Brad Pitt! One because he is a brilliant actor and two because I'd love to do a love scene with him!!!! OMG did I really say that?? 

David: If any person in history could sign their photo for you who would you ask and what would you have them say in their dedication? (I ask this of all my interviewees and get some interesting or unusual responses…)

Tamie:   I would have Brad Pitt sign his photo for me and write  "It was a pleasure working with you on this film and let's do some off camera rehearsing on these love scenes!" OMG did I say that too!!??? I'm going to get myself in trouble!!  OK, seriously....I would love to have a photo from Marilyn Monroe and have it say "It was so much fun working with you...let's hang out sometime!" Her life amazes me and I would have loved to just hang out with her one on one and got to know both Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe. I think we would have lots to talk about since sometimes I feel as if I am already lived two lives. Tamie back on the farm in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania and Tamie walking the Red carpet in Hollywood California! By the way, that's a great question! You wouldn't mind if I borrowed that one on the carpet sometime would you??

David: If you were lost on a desert island what book, movie, song and person would you miss the most?

Tamie: You asked if I was on a deserted island what book, movie, song or person would I miss the most...NONE OF THEM!! I would miss ice-cream and pizza the most!!!

David: Given your versatility as a TV Host, actor, model, wrestler and occasional maggot-infested cheese eater, what is a story from your life that best sums you up as a person?

Tamie:   This is a hard one for me...what story from my life best sums you up as a person? I guess its a situation that still happens quite often. I meet a person for the first time and we have a conversation or work together and they later say "You're not from LA are you?" At first, many years ago I got upset by that comment thinking that  I didn't fit in or I wasn't pretty enough to be in the business. Now I know to take it as a very high compliment because what they are really saying is that "You're not the typical hot stuck up rude LA  bitch in the business. You are very sweet, beautiful, friendly, and down to earth person who just happens to be in the business and lives in LA." 

David: Are there any thoughts or messages you would like to share with your fans and readers?

Tamie:   I would like to my fans to know how excited I get every time I open up my mailbox  and see fan letters inside waiting for me. It makes me smile to know that I make others smile all around the world and that they take time out of their busy day to write to me and say hello. That's really cool! :-)

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